Mandir (Temple) Project
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Installation of idols of Shri Narasinha Saraswati Swami Maharaj,
   Shri Shripadshri Vallabh and Shri Dattatray in the proposed temple.
Creation of separate Yadnamandapam for various types of Yagna,
   (a traditional and special form of worship to the lords.)
A pathway and water stream surrounding the proposed temple to
   add to its beauty and grandeur.
A lake in front of the temple and creation of a stage in the centre
   of this lake for offering various services such as Bhajan, Kirtan,
   vocal recital etc .by the devotees.
Creation of a well equipped Ashram (Residential facilities) for
   the devotees, Mess (Annachhatra) and Cooking Place (Pakashala).
Separate residential accommodation for the Saints and Sadhus
   during their Sadhana period (Anushthan) at the location.
Separate Auditorium for Spiritual and Cultural Programs for
   the devotees.
Spiritual guidance.
Individual and Group Yagnyas.
Individual and Group Pujas.
Individual and Group Recitations of holy Gurucharitra and like
Bhagwan Dattaprabhu is a coalition of Trimurti, Brahma Vishnu and
Shri Narasimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj and Shri Shripadshri
   Vallabha Maharaj are the the prime Gurus and are re incarnations of
   Lord Bhagawan Dattatray, in the Kaliyug.
However there are very few temples of these two deities on
   the entire Indian Land and such temples are only tow or three in
   entire Maharashtra, the Karmabhumi of these diaties.
In the today's life full with hustle and bustle, it is perceived need,
   by a large number of their devotees, to have temple of these deities,
   in the vicinity of their residences,where they can rejuvenate
   themselves mentally , physically and spiritually.
It is therefore proposed to construct such a temple of Shri Narsinha
   Saraswati Swami Maharaj ,for the devotees in the area of Mumbai
   Thane and Pune at a chosen sacred place which is just 6 kms away
   from Dombiwali, a place in Thane District.
The chosen sacred location is 10kms from Kalyan, 15 Kms from
   Thane and 20 Kms from Panvel.
The chosen location thus can be accessed with ease from the
   three places.
  The project site is on Kalyan-Panvel highway.
Centrally located place at 6 kms from Dombivli Rly Stn
Project site at 10 kms from Kalyan, 15 kms from
Thane and 20 kms from Panvel
Project is spread over 1.5 acre area
Estimated project outlay Rupees 5.0 crores
Estimated completion of project by 2011
We solicit your participation by way of generous donations to accomplish the mission
Cheques may kindly be drawn in favour of “Sadguru Sri Dadamaharaj Zurale Pratistan”
Satguru Shri Dadamaharaj Zurale Pratistan
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